Creative Professionals

I provide unique support for filmmakers, dancers, painters, musicians, architects, web designers — all are welcome! The creative process is like a window into the unconscious, allowing you to bypass the everyday intellectual defenses that can prevent you from feeling deeply into your experiences. In therapy, we can nurture your creativity, allowing spontaneity, abstraction, and inspiration to guide you toward emotional revelations.


Creative Drive

Exploring the emotions that both drive your passion and, at times, stand in your way, can help you navigate blocks and sustain creativity. 

The Spotlight

Investigating the relationship you have with your audience can help you cope with the transcendental, and also profoundly draining, emotional experience of being in the spotlight.

Setting Boundaries

In a taxing industry, having the self-awareness to set boundaries that feel congruent to you can help you strengthen your personal and professional relationships as well as build self-esteem.


Personal Growth

Learning to love yourself can be an act of defiance in a world where family, social, and political ideologies so often take precedence over self-compassion. 


Exploring the complexities of sexual identity and learning to ask for what you want can lead to self-acceptance and sexual satisfaction.

Life Transitions

Creating space for the emotional highs and lows in times of transition can help you gain a sense of control as you move toward integration.